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The Boston Baskin Cancer Foundation combines the research and teaching capabilities of a leading institution of higher learning with the patient care of the Mid-South's largest cancer physicians group.


The immediate goal of this collaboration is to provide the best possible care for hematology and oncology patients in this region of the country, through two cancer centers and eight additional clinical sites, while the long-term objective is to help eradicate cancer through innovative research. The collaboration includes other major healthcare and research institutions in and around Memphis.


Because there is not a top-level-accredited adult cancer center for hundreds of miles in every direction, the Institute will seek National Cancer Institute designation as a comprehensive adult cancer center. The Institute will welcome patient referrals from sources throughout the region, including physicians and medical clinics.


The Institute will consist of two cancer centers, under construction. One will be located on the Memphis campus of BBCF, and the second will be in East Memphis. The centers will include medical, radiation and surgical oncology, as well as diagnostic and support care services and multidisciplinary clinics. The clinical facilities at BBCF will be attached to a new Basic Sciences Research facility.