Patient Testimonials


The following testimonials are from patients whose lives have been touched by the Boston Baskin Cancer Foundation. These patients believe that by sharing their experiences, they might help others suffering from cancer.

We thank our patients and their families and friends for taking the time to share these inspiring stories.

Mr. Hooper
Cancer Patient & Survivor

"I believe that when you come to the Boston Baskin Cancer Foundation, they really want you to get well. Every person I've met here has been wonderful. They are truly caring individuals and they treat me like family. At this point, my cancer is in complete remission and I know that I am being treated at the best cancer center in the world.

While I was undergoing treatment, I had 35 radiation treatments and eight chemo treatments. And I can honestly say that I never waited more than 10 minutes and most of the time I was ushered in early. I've told friends that want to go to other cancer centers that BBCF is really where they need to go because the doctors and staff are fantastic.

I also believe that Dr. Yunus's nurse is great because she really relaxes me and that's very important to someone in a situation like this. My three kids have come along with me for treatments and they are equally as impressed with the level of caring and concern at BBCF. I never suffered and I never felt any pain. If anything, the treatments made me feel good. You can tell the nurses what you're feeling and they are right on it - they are really on the ball. If there is anything bothering you, they address it immediately. My experience with BBCF has been perfect. And everybody I know who has come here says the same thing."

Sylvia Hopper

Cancer Patient & Survivor

"My experience has been, if you have to have cancer, the Boston Baskin Cancer Foundation is the best place to be. And the best doctor to have is Dr. Ratliff. He puts me at ease, he understands, he listens, he cares. He’s my support system. When I first found out that I had cancer, of course it devastated me. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. My primary care physician recommended BBCF and Dr. Ratliff. And I have been so pleased with the support and the care that I have received here that I would recommend BBCF to my family and friends.

There are a number of people that coordinate your cancer treatment at BBCF. And each of these people support you and everyone has a positive attitude. I have developed strong friendships with the staff. I will even drop by and see the staff even when I don’t have a treatment scheduled. And we'll talk and laugh like old friends. Because sometimes, laughter is the best medicine. We might get down sometimes, but I don’t let it stay that way. Once you get over the initial shock of the disease, you accept it and you understand it. And it’s important to have a strong family and physician support system.

And my family and BBCF and Dr. Ratliff are my support systems. He puts me totally at ease. He cares for me. And the people that work for BBCF, they care for me. I am definitely a cared for person."

Mr. Goldsmith

Patient & Leukemia Survivor

"I was diagnosed four years ago with CLL, which is a form of leukemia. I went to all of the recommended doctors in the area. I went absolutely everywhere, and eventually visited the Boston Baskin Cancer Foundation. I met with Dr. Spiers and both my wife and I were convinced – BBCF and Dr. Spiers were the best – hands down.

I received only three chemo treatments with Dr. Spiers. Each month as I was having my treatment, I had severe reactions to the medicine and they had to stop my treatments. They typically recommend a minimum of six treatments, and Dr. Spiers really wanted me to receive this particular drug. Unfortunately, my throat was swelling and my face and body were literally changing right in front of their eyes and they had to stop the treatments. Dr. Spiers waited four weeks, and then sent me to the hospital for a bone marrow sample. The good news was that I was in complete remission! And I've been in remission ever since. I still come back to BBCF every month for blood tests. And so far, it's been good.

The folks here are extremely nice. Dr. Spiers’ nurse, Barkley, is a great guy and everyone at BBCF is terrific. If you have to be sick, they have been wonderful. These people are great, they really are. It’s been as good an experience as you can have when you’ve got major things wrong with you."